Newbury Events

Newbury Real Ale Festival

realaleNewbury Real Ale Festival 2015 proved to be another record-breaking year with over 5500 people attending! After a brief shower early on the sun shone for the rest of the day and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Music is a big part of our festival and once again will provide a fantastic stage for bands to play on. The organisers always aim to have a diverse range of musical styles on view and welcome bands from near and far.

The festival is again raising money for Naomi House, the local children’s charity that is doing amazing work under a restrictive budget.

The festival runs on a drink token system, in order to speed up the process of serving drinks! With over 6000 people expected to attend and upwards of 30 bar staff at any one time, we don’t want to hold you up by having to provide change. Please note that tokens are non-refundable (we are raising money for charity after all), so please buy wisely.

Entry is £10, which includes a free glass and two drink tokens. Tickets can be purchased at the door and there will be no entry for those without tickets. Please note that once we reach our maximum capacity we will not be in a position to allow any more entries, even if others are leaving site. Purchasing in advance is the only guaranteed way of securing your place

The Festival starts at midday and aims to run until 11pm. Music will stop at 10pm